A couple King Cobra variations

These are a couple of my king cobras that I've made over the past couple months

Another color version of the new knot I made

This is another color variation of my new braided knot hope you all like it


A Brand New Knot

I just created this new knoted braid tonight I hope you all like it I hope I can publish a video for you all to learn this new braided knot


Final one for the day

This one is my first attempt at braiding paracord with a spool this one was done in black

Here is yet another lanyard

pretty simple the title says it all this one is a combo knot the cobra and king cobra knot in hunter camo and desert camo

A new day a new lanyard

This one is a small version of the spiral sinnet knot in toxic green and red enjoy


My first post

hi I'm new to this blogging scene but I see it as a good way to sell my paracord lanyards just like stormdrane does so hope you enjoy my blog